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Welcome to Fur Ability

Delivering Gold Standard Animal Rehabilitation in a Low-Stress Setting.

From Surgical Recovery to Senior Maintenance And Sports Dog Fitness. We Prioritize Your Pet's Well-Being by Treating the Whole Body, Not Just the Condition.

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About Us

Welcome to Fur Ability! I'm Kirsty, and I'm excited to introduce you to our world of compassionate animal rehabilitation.

Click below to explore our website, where you can discover more about me, our range of rehabilitation services, and what makes Fur Ability unique in the realm of animal care.

Love My Patients

What our clients say

All my dogs love Kirsty! She really knows how to make them comfortable and relaxed, and how to work with them to get the hard stuff done without stressing them out. My dogs get so excited when they see Kirsty and actively seek her attention. They all know she makes them feel better. I love how Kirsty explains things as well. We have several levels of understanding within our house and Kirsty can explain clearly to each person. She has a great sense of humour, so she fits wonderfully into my sport dog family

Jennifer Lidbury

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