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Canine Conditioning

Available in person or online

Certified Canine Fitness Trainer 

KJ is a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) through the University of Tennessee. Using this program Fur Ability is able to offer individual custom canine fitness plans. 

Canine fitness is all about increasing functional capacity through increased physical activity. If this increased functional capacity is maintained recovery from future injury will be quicker and with less complications.


It can be tailored for use for all life stages from puppy to senior and athlete to obesity reduction.


Canine fitness through an evidence based program such as CCFT has many benefits including:


  • It gives you a goal and achievable aims


  • Reduces injury risk


  • Provides a progressive program ensuring the foundations are correct before progressing to more complex and advanced behaviours


  • Provides mental stimulation


  • Increases mindfulness and creates focus


  • Performance improvements


  • Increases body awareness


  • Its fun and you get to spend time bonding with your dog!

If you are interested in a individual plan please contact us to book an appointment. We are able to provide the program in person or virtually via video call and video submission. The plan will also be tailored to your schedule and to the equipment you have available to you. 

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