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Assistive devices

Help can be provided on choosing, measuring, fitting and adjusting.


At Fur Ability, we understand that pets facing mobility challenges still deserve fulfilling adventures. Losing the use of limbs or struggling with mobility doesn't mean the end of your adventures together. Let us help you make those adventures happen again!

We specialize in fitting carts or doggie wheelchairs to support pets in reclaiming their freedom. Pets usually adapt rapidly to their newfound mobility, some even enjoying off-road escapades and splashing in the sea in their carts!

Kirsty is certified in Walkin Wheels Cart fitting, ensuring precise measurement and fitting. These carts are well-designed and balanced. However, we recognize that one size doesn't fit all, and we're equipped to measure and order custom carts from other reputable companies such as Eddie's Wheels.

Even if you already have a cart or a hand-me-down, we can help adjust it for optimal comfort and balance. A poorly fitting or unbalanced cart can cause discomfort and compensation issues, which we aim to prevent. Trust Fur Ability to make mobility challenges just another bump on your pet's road to adventure!

Prosthetics, Orthotics  and Adaptive devices

We often use these to help reduce recovery times and allow fewer compensations however poorly fitting devices are often worse than using nothing at all. Not all orthotics, prosthetics and adaptive devices are created equal. We use a variety of manufacturers and can help find the best fit for you and your pet to accomplish the best outcome.


Fur Ability does not build these devices but we can assist in recommendations, measuring, ordering and fitting of them. 

These devices range from prosthetics for amputees',  shoulder stabilization devices for joint instability to dorsi-flex boots to prevent toe dragging. 


Sometimes your pet needs a helping hand to get around. Whether it is short term after surgery or longer term to help with stairs and getting in and out of the car.


There are many different types of harness out there but Help ‘Em Up Harness up is one of the best we have found. The Help ‘Em Up Harness is a unique full-body lifting device and is designed to distribute weight over the large surfaces of the chest and hind quarters. Its easily adjustable and comfortable for all day wear if needed.

We currently do not stock these but we can give you a list of local suppliers or assist in ordering online. We are also happy to assist with measuring, sizing and correct fitting to ensure that your pet is comfortable and safely secured.

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