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How it works..

Wondering how to book? What is required or how rehab works. 

We have tried to include as much information about our services and what is involved on our Services pages but please contact us if you have a specific enquiry. 

Fur Ability now has a clinic in Enfield Ns. 300 sq ft of rehabilitation space, complete with rubber non-slip flooring, full rehab equipment, easy access for those with mobility issues and appointment staggering to allow for a low stress environment.


We are still offering a mobile service, meaning we come to you and treat in your home for patients that require treatment in their own home. 

Our current service area for mobile appointments is within 50km of Enfield, this covers most of HRM, Dartmouth, East Hants and Truro. If you are unsure or you are further away please still contact as we may be able to accommodate you and your pet.

Referring veterinarians 

Please ask your regular veterinarian to complete our online referral form and submit it.


Once we have received it we will contact you to book the initial consultation.


We ask that you complete the intake form before this appointment 


Once we receive the referral we will contact the client and arrange the initial appointment.

After the initial visit we will forward a copy of the medical notes to you and are happy to discuss the case at any point. We will also be in regular contact throughout treatment and especially if things are not progressing as planned. 

If you have any queries or not sure if your case is appropriate please get in contact and we will happily discuss specific cases and their needs.


If you are unsure if our services are correct for your and your pet. Please contact us and we can set up a discovery call. This takes about 15mins and can help decide if we can help your pet and their condition.

Legally we are unable to treat medically unwell patients without a referral from your veterinarian. Please ask your regular veterinarian and ask them to complete our online referral form and submit it.

We are able to provide maintenance care for medically fit and well patients without a referral. However we prefer to work alongside your vet. Therefore we ask that your veterinarian complete the Maintenance referral form.


For all referrals, once we have received the online referral we will contact you to book the initial consultation.


We ask that you complete the intake form before the initial appointment. This helps us understand your view of your pet's condition and what your goals are. It helps provide a complete picture of your pet not just the medical side.

The initial consultation takes place in your home. It takes about 90mins and consists of an in-depth review, physical musculoskeletal exam and initial treatment and plan. 

Follow up appointments are usually 30-45 mins but vary depending on the case. More details can be provided after the initial consultation. 

Our rehabilitation and laser treatments are covered by most major insurance companies. 

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