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Therapeutic laser

Experience the rejuvenating power of laser therapy for your pet's well-being. Our therapeutic lasers utilize specific wavelengths of light to enhance cellular and tissue functions through photobiomodulation. This non-invasive and painless treatment offers numerous benefits, including reduced inflammation, alleviated pain, and accelerated wound healing.

Pets undergoing laser therapy typically experience no discomfort, often only sensing a gentle warming sensation. With sessions lasting less than 15 minutes, treatment frequency varies depending on the condition, ranging from weekly sessions for chronic ailments to daily treatments for surgical incisions and wounds.

Laser therapy proves effective for a wide range of conditions, including skin wounds, post-operative inflammation, and urinary tract infections. Additionally, it can complement rehabilitation techniques for issues like pain, tendon injuries, and osteoarthritis.

For further details or to arrange a referral, please reach out to us directly or have your veterinarian send over a referral form. Let's work together to ensure your pet receives the best care possible.

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